What We Do

We create a thriving ecosystem of businesses of color in Washtenaw County. The Association of Businesses of Color lobbies for equitable funding, promotes opportunities, and empowers our members with tools to grow healthy, prosperous and resilient businesses.

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We accomplish our mission through:



We are a voice in the community in places where businesses of color are not sufficiently represented.



We believe in growth by sharing knowledge and skills through collaboration with our membership and community. 



We advocate for data collection that empowers knowledge, fuels decision-making and drives change.



We champion equity by sharing information about funding and opportunities to our members.

Our Values

We care for the community together.
We believe in community service and activism, leading as an organization and as individuals.

We thrive together.
We are inclusive, welcoming all to work with us as advocates for businesses of color.

We prosper together.
We believe that thriving businesses of color are indicators of economic equity and justice.